“Helping Ethnic Minorities have Voice”

     This announces the start of the Burma Truth On-line Film Festival and Arts Competition

                                    Deadline for submissions is Midnight 31 October 2015


Ethnics have been greatly disadvantaged by those in power in Burma, as well as by those
in the international community who support them.    There are differing viewpoints on this
matter that need to be brought to light.
This festival-competition is intended to give activists, artists and interested persons the
opportunity to openly express themselves through visual media:

  • Videos (Music videos and productions up to 10, 30 and 60 minutes)
  • Cartoons
  • Graffiti
  • Posters
  • Photos / Graphics

We will use on-line voting to decide on winners in each category

Westcliffe Center for the Performing Arts, will give a showing of  film / video finalists at
The Jones Theater, Westcliffe, Colorado.
Showing dates in Westcliffe’s coming season are to be announced.

Use the festival’s website at www.burmatruth.com to register and submit your products.
This is open to all and is a no-fee competition run by unsalaried volunteers.

Those interested in supporting this initiative can refer to this “How to Help link”

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