Vietnam’s indigenous populations encompass various indigenous tribal groups living in the country’s Central Highlands. These groups are ethnic and religious minorities; many are practicing Christianity. They have endured many hardships, including religious persecution, loss of land to a recent influx of ethnic Vietnamese, and policies designed to assimilate them into a national culture. Some have fled their homes and crossed the border of Cambodia seeking asylum from discriminatory practices in their own country. Thousands have been relocated to the U.S. and other countries; this flight has unfortunately left many families separated and incomplete.  Disinformation stemming from actors in the US has caused some men living in the Highlands to abandon their families and go to refugee camps in Phnom Penh, because they have heard rumors that they can get money and other benefits by doing so.

LCHR President Kathryn Cameron Porter travelled to the Central Highlands to learn more about the plight of the indegenous people of the Central Highlands.Click here to read Ms. Porter’s report on the trip please click here. Click here to view a sample of the pictures she took on the trip.

LCHR is working to ensure that the indigenous culture, land and religious practices are protected by visiting and working with the Central Highlanders. LCHR is creating micro-finance initiatives in the Central Highlands, specifically to benefit women. We have just returned from an unprecedented trip to this region and were given full access. We hope to build on this success and create programs that bring real benefit to the poor and suffering

  • To read LCHR’s White Paper on Microfinance, please click here to download the .pdf document.
  • To read a summary of the US State Department’s 2005 report on human rights in Vientam, please click here to download the .pdf document.

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