This web page is dedicated to the individual Coptic Christians of Egypt . LCHR seeks to share narratives of a diverse cross section within the Coptic community, including Copts born in Egypt who fled to America, Copts still living in Egypt, and American-born Copts. Accounts explore what it means to be Coptic, how it affects their everyday lives, challenges they have had to overcome because of their Coptic identity, and their vision for the future of their people.

The purpose of this page is to raise awareness about the history of this ethno-religious minority in Egypt. It is a place for Copts to tell their stories and facilitate a clear look at what it means to be a Copt in a Muslim country.

If you wish to tell your story here, please contact the Leadership Council.


Personal Accounts

  • For a personal introduction to an Egyptian/American Copt, click here.
  • To read about the racial profiling experienced by an American Coptic woman, click here.


Multimedia Interviews

These interviews are courtesy of Sally Bishai, an Egyptian-American Copt, who publishes X Culture Magazine. She offers insight into what it means to be a Coptic woman in the United States through her books and documentary videos.

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