The Leadership Council for Human Rights remains concerned about the proliferation of terrorism in Subsaharan Africa that could have devastating implication on the humanitarian situation.

 December 3rd 2012, AFP reported that the National  Collective representing the populations in northern Mali as well as  the Democratic Alliance of Patriots for Crisis Resolution (ADPS),  a coalition of parties and citizen associations in Mali expressed their frustration with the decision taken by neighboring Algeria to maintain the status quo by using  all its diplomatic, financial and political influence to accomodate and support Ansar Eddine, a faction of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

A military deployment in the Northern Mali  was agreed  upon to help Mali cope and stop the proliferation of terrorism in the Sahel region,  but Algeria decided unilaterally to negotiate with the terrorists.

The Leadership Council for Human Rights calls on the international community to help Mali and help the Women and girls victims of radicalism in this part of the Sahel region.


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